About Dom's Custom Rifles

Welcome to Dom's Custom Rifles. A registered Firearms Dealer in Ireland, I specialize in Custom Built Rifles, Hunting Rifles and Target Rifles.

I also sell Rifles, Shotguns, Ammunition and all associated shooting accessories, including Optics, Clothing & Footwear.

I provide a full Gunsmithing service, not only for producing a Custom Built Rifle to your exact specifications but also to enhance your existing rifle.

The custom rifle services I offer include Re-barreling, Barrel Threading, Re-crowning, Bolt Fluting, Bedding, Cerakote Painting and Accurising & Testing.

My Custom Built Rifle service is designed to provide you with a first class product by using only top quality components to create rifles to the exact specification of each individual customer.

With Dom's Custom Rifles what you see is not what you get, what you WANT is what you get.

Custom Rifle & Gunsmithing Services

Along with building a Custom Rifle to your specifications, I offer a range of Gunsmithing Services:

Actions and Blueprinting: The action is the very heart of the rifle. If you want to shoot the very best to which your abilities and ammunition are capable, the place to start is with the action. The action holds the trigger, which must be relatively light, and supplies the fast locktime, which is a major contributor to tight groups. Few shooters know the trueness of their action and the precision with which it was made. When a rifle is fired, thousands of pounds of chamber pressure are generated, placing the entire barrel and action under tremendous stress. If any of the parts of the rifle are not perfectly aligned, accuracy is compromised. Many shooters replace factory barrels with custom barrels but there is no guarantee that the custom barrel will perform to its potential unless the action is true.

Trueing and squaring an action and bolt is commonly called blueprinting. It is recommended that you replace your rifle's barrel when you blueprint your rifle's action. That way, the new barrel can be fitted to the trued action. The best time to blueprint an action is when the barrel is replaced. Action blueprinting does not guarantee tiny groups because it is only one of the several factors that go into getting tight groups, but if you want to build a supremely accurate rifle, the place to start is with the action. Once you know you have a good one you can build on it with barrel, stock, bedding and sighting equipment. The bolt action receivers I use are mainly Kelbly, Stiller, RPA, Remington, Tikka, Howa and Ultimatum Precision.

Barrels and Re-barreling: I offer a range of barrels for building a custom rifle or for use in re-barreling your action. I mainly use Proof Research, Krieger, Bartlein and Bergara, but if you have a specific requirement for any other barrel, I would be happy to source it for you if possible. Barrel Fluting is also an option.

Re-crowning your barrel can improve accuracy because during the mass production process, minor imperfections may occur which can destabilize the projectile, or if the muzzle is not perfectly square, this will compromise accuracy.

I provide a barrel threading service for Suppressors and Muzzle Brakes.

Rifle Bedding creates a stable and precise fit for the contact surfaces. Bedding is a technique employed in accurising a rifle and to a lesser extent, prolonging the life of the stock. Bedding increases accuracy in part by relieving stress on the action. The rifle's action will rarely sit flush in the stock without bedding. This causes the action to flex when tightening the bolts holding the action to the stock. The flexing results in a loss of accuracy. Bedding will create a flush surface for the action and prevent flexing. Bedding also reduces movement of the action in the stock. Without bedding, the action may be more likely to shift after a shot. If the action shifts and does not return to the same spot in the stock, the rifle will lose the ability to maintain zero.

Bolt Fluting Fluting the bolt is one of the most popular ways to personalise a rifle. Bolt fluting allows for a lower coefficient of drag during the cycling procedure. the flutes also provide a place for grit and grime to go without binding up your action.

Cerakote Firearms Coatings provide a durable, weather and corrosion proof, ceramic based protective finish, that resists scratching chipping and abrasive cleaning solvents. Hardener and paint chemically bond into an ultra-thin coating that adheres to almost any surface for a clean, professional finish. I stock off the shelf colours: Black, Forest Green, Military Spec Green, Olive Drab Green, Burnt Bronze, Titanium, and can mix any combination of these.

Triggers: I mainly use Arnold Jewel and Timney Triggers. These triggers are of the highest quality and standard and arguably are the best triggers available.

The Magazine Kit is one of the most important accessories for your bolt action rifle. I stock ATI Magazine Floor Plate Conversion Kits with ATI Detachable Magazine and also Tikka and Bergara magazines.

Tactical Bolt Knobs: A custom-made over-sized Bolt Knob allows fast easy access to the bolt, even with gloved hands. The extra size and length gives you much more control of the bolt, better leverage, better grip and overall makes it easy to work. I can manufacture or source any bolt knob you might require.

Stocks: The stocks I use on most designs are PSE Composite, GRS Bifrost, GRS Berserk, Howa Legendary Arms, Oryx, Boyds, Bell & Carlson. These stocks are all of the highest quality and durability and very stable to climatic changes. They provide excellent platforms for bedding rifle actions for consistent repeatability during firing.

Scopes: The scope industry is huge and there is a lot to choose from! Good lens glass quality is an art made by only the very best, experienced producers. There are some very fine scopes and you will easily find a scope to suit every application. I stock Swarovski, Kahles, Leica, Vortex, Sig Sauer, Schmidt &Bender, Nightforce, Burris, Nikko Stirling and Hawke.

Accurising and Testing: Accuracy is of primary importance to any rifleman. A lot of factors go into getting a rifle to shoot accurately. Before a rifle leaves my premises it is tested for accuracy and reliability with premium factory ammunition over a distance of 100 yards as standard.

To guarantee accuracy is dependent on many variables beyond our control, such as the skills of the shooter and the quality of the ammunition used.