Burris Ballistic Laserscope 4-12 x 42mm Rifle Scope (Used)


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Burris Ballistic Laserscope 4-12-42mm Rifle Scope (Used)

Excellent Condition

Developed to be the ideal riflescope, the Burris 4-12x42mm Ballistic Laser Scope is perfect for scenarios where a premium quality riflescope is extremely important to results. Made by using incredibly reliable materials, these Riflescopes through the optics professionals at Burris can provide a great deal of reliable and efficient use. Burris has developed in the gun scope market for a reasonable length of time, and the Burris 4-12x42mm Ballistic Laser Scope is the outcome of their tireless initiatives to make sure that you have got a heavy duty and dependable scope on your firearm.

Every single product Burris makes is backed by this guarantee - including glass, coatings, electronics, scope tubes, and everything in between. Shoot with confidence - you're covered by the Burris Forever Warranty.

Burris will repair or replace your optic if it is damaged or defective. The warranty is automatically transferred to future owners.