Kahles Helia Rifle Scope 2.4-12x56i Abs G4B Reticle


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Kahles Helia Rifle Scope 2.4-12x56 Abs G4B Reticle

The HELIA series impresses with uncompromising focus on the real essentials: functionality, reliability, handling and aesthetics. The perfect tool for hunting.

Ideal for hide/stand hunting with exceptionally high light transmission, whether dawn, dusk or night

Perfect image with best contrast and wide, brilliant field of view

Powerful optics system with exceptional edge sharpness

Day/night illuminated reticle with intelligent automatic switch-off

OILPHOBIC coated lenses

The automatic light function (tilt sensor) detects whether or not the rifle scope is in a shooting position and transmits this information immediately to the illumination unit. This unit automatically switches the illuminated reticle on or off when not in use, in order to save valuable energy.

Ballistic Drop Compensation (optional)

Work out the distance – adjust the ballistic ring – and go!

Precision, ease of use, flexibility and controllability combined with maximum accuracy: All of these important characteristics come together in the innovative KAHLES ballistic drop compensation (BDC) feature, offering everything you need for targeted shots over various distances.