Nightforce NXS 12-42x56 Rifle Scope (Used) [SOLD]

Nightforce NXS 12-42x56 Rifle Scope (Used) [SOLD]


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Nightforce NXS 12-42x56 Rifle Scope (Used)

Includes Nightforce Unimount

Excellent Condition

The Night Force 12-42x56 NXS is a long range NXS Hybrid Riflescope that incorporates all the research and development benefits NightForce has learned in 1,000 yard benchrest competition since 1991. NightForce has combined all the durability and features of the Tactical NXS Rifle Scopes with high-power variable magnification and a wide selection of target and field reticles, which were born out of the Precision Benchrest Riflescopes from NightForce. These NF Hybrid NXS Scopes make a significant departure from the tactical applications of its predecessors to offer long-range and benchrest shooters fast internal adjustment capabilities for precise and repeatable shot placement. NightForce NXS Long Range Hybrids feature resolution and optical performance comparable only to high-end spotting scopes. Like all NightForce Scopes, NXS hybrids deliver performance exceeding that of other riflescopes.