Swiss Hunting Rifle SHR 970 .223


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Swiss Hunting Rifle SHR 970 .223

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Only made for a few years, the SHR 970 bolt-action rifle offered a marriage of Old World craftsmanship and modern innovation for a handful of lucky hunters.

The SHR (Swiss Hunting Rifle) series rifles were introduced in the U.S. in 1998 and imported to the country by SIG Arms with the tag line, “There are only two ways you’ll miss your target…not buying one or shooting with both eyes closed.” Pitched with one-gun functionality, the forward-looking rifle could be swapped out across seven calibers through an interchangeable barrel system– long before today’s modular platforms like the Daniel Defense Delta 5.

Standard calibers used a 22-inch hammer-forged barrel which produced a 41.9-inch rifle while the barrels and resulting overall length on the magnums went two inches longer.