Wicked Light A67ic Predator Hunting Light Kit


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Wicked Light A67ic Predator Hunting Light Kit

Wicked Hunting Lights is proud to announce the release of the ALL NEW Model A67iC Ambush Hog & Predator hunting light featuring Patented Center Axis Rotational 3-Color-In-1 Selectable Color LED module with LED Position Detent Lock, Zoom/Focus, and Full Intensity Control. The A67iC’s revolutionary patent pending design is the FIRST EVER purpose built night hunting light to combine all THREE KEY DESIGN FEATURES required in a professional quality dedicated scope mounted shooting light.

The first key feature is the revolutionary, Patented 3-in-1 Center Axis Rotational Color LED module with LED Position Detent Lock. In laymen’s terms, you have the ability and convenience to select any of the 3 colors (for example Red, Green, or White) with just a slight twist of a knob and have the LED color of your choice lock in place on the center axis of the light body and in the center axis of the spherical lens.

Why is the “center axis” so important you may wonder? First, if the LED is not centered in the center axis of the spherical lens, then the light will not reach its maximum potential in light output (as measured in LUX). Depending on how far off axis the LED is, it will also create an artifact or distortion in the light beam which can affect your field of view when looking through a scope. However, the most important reason for center axis selectability and repeatability is when you mount your light on your scope. With a traditional, single colored led that is centered in the light, you will adjust the windage and elevation so the light is centered in the field of view of the scope (and thus centered on your crosshair). Because one LED is used, and that LED is centered in the light, you can line your crosshair up fairly easy. With a multi colored LED module, you will want each LED centered in your crosshair the moment you change to a different color LED without having to re-zero the light in your scope after each color change. Currently LED color changes are accomplished in one of two ways; (1) physically remove the light bezel and change the LED module or (2) utilize a fixed circuit board with 4 (or more) different colored individual LED’s placed as close as possible on the board that some manufacturers use.

Full Intensity Control--Why do I need Intensity Control? Intensity control allows you to adjust the intensity based on the situation. For example, when calling a small tight pasture a couple hundred yards across you can lower down the intensity to reduce the potential of alerting or shying the target animal from the light (also known as “burning their eyes”) when they first appear. When an animal first appears on stand it’s critical to avoid “burning their eyes”. We recommend using a lower intensity in combination with “flooding” the light beam to a wider more diffused beam. You can then condition the animal with a gradual increase in brightness, which typically will have no affect on the approaching animal through the full range of intensity up through maximum power with a fully focused beam setting. Most animals tend not to notice the subtle or gradual increase in brightness as much as suddenly being blasted by a brilliantly bright beam of light. This intensity control ability is also very beneficial when hunting hogs or predators over bait or feeders from a ground or elevated blind. You can pre-adjust the light intensity for just enough light to clearly see the bait site, but not any more light than needed, again minimizing the potential of alerting or spooking the targeted animals. Because most hunters typically hunt varied terrain (both wide open pasture areas to close small food plots) there are many situations the light does not need to be on full power to be able to identify the animal. The Intensity Control rheostat knob allows the hunter to increase the brightness until they have just enough light to make positive identification. This eliminates the worry of putting too much light on the animal because the hunter can stop increasing the brightness of the light at any time. By using the Intensity Control feature to start on low, then conditioning the animal with a gradual increase in brightness, and stopping when there is just enough light; the hunter will spook less animals, period!

Zoom Focus Rotating Bezel. The ability to adjust the light beam characteristic from “flood” to fully focused “zoom” is critically important. Typically the way the light is being used will dictate how the beam is adjusted. If the light is being used as a “scanning” light, it will be “flooded” which will widen the beam and lower the intensity of the light and aid in covering more area while looking for “eye shine”. Because the beam is “flooded” the benefit will be less potential to “burn the animals eyes” or shy the animal from the light. However, the disadvantage is the distance you will be able to see and positively identify the animal will be greatly reduced. Because of the adjustable zoom - focus you can experiment with beam size and intensity adjustment and find what works best for your particular situation and area. Additionally, many night hunters utilize two lights; one adjusted and set for scanning and looking for “eyes”. Once “eyes“ are detected the hunter will transition to their scope mounted light set to a higher intensity and “zoomed” for positive identification and shooting.

Quick detach adjustable light mount:

The all new Quick Detach Adjustable Mount allows you to quickly and easily add or remove the light from your scope with the simple flip of a lever. This mount is also completely re-designed to eliminate any unwanted wiggle or wobble. This mount is ROCK SOLID!