Zamberlan Hydrobloc Cream


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Zamberlan Hydrobloc Cream

A correct maintenance regimen will optimize the performance of your boots, especially in harsh, wet conditions and it is of critical importance to their long-term performance. All elements of your Zamberlan® boots require some care, monitoring, and maintenance, even if the uppers merit special attention. Appropriate proofing and conditioning is essential and vary according to the materials used for the uppers of your boots, but in every case, its main function is to feed the leather with the correct degree of support and suppleness, as well as to maximize its water resistance. How often treatment will be required depends upon, amongst other things, the terrain and conditions in which the boots are used and the frequency of their use. As a general guide, it is better that you proof and condition the boots on the 'little and often' principle, rather than applying excess quantities of treatment on an infrequent basis. Before long periods of storage, treatment should be applied, as significant drying may occur if left untreated.

IMPORTANT: GORE-TEX membranes require that a specific type of leather treatment be used on the boot. Silicone-based and other non-approved treatments can clog the pores of the membrane, which will cause them to stop breathing and will also invalidate your GORE-TEX warranty. We recommend using our Hydrobloc® cream (full grains) or spray (nubucks, split grains and Perwangers) or another product on the market approved for use with GORE-TEX.